Eucatex is brining various standards of Euacfloor laminate flooring to the Itu Casa Decor 2012. The exhibition, which takes place from April 27th to June 17th in Itu (SP) brings together creative an sophisticated environments.

The Twins Room by architects Afrodite Bueno and Tânia Benincasa makes use of Eucafloor Evidence Cacau Marfim. Eucafloor Rustic, in the Decapê Blanche standard, was chosen by architect Fabiana for the Greatgrandmother's Room, while the Casablanca standard was elected by architect Rozimeire Trevizan for the Couple's Room and Closet.  For the TV Room, arhcitect Vivânia Lourenço chose the Nogueira Rústico from the same Rustic line.

Ecologically correct, Eucafloor laminated flooring is manufactured with exclusive HPP, a substrate of Eucalyptus particles that has a double coating and does not absorb substances or organisms that cause allergies.  They also count on Bacterban™ protection, an antibacterial that inhibits the growth and reproduction of fungi and bacteria on the surface of the product.

Eucatex provides 44 standards for the Eucafloor laminate flooring distributed in five different lines. The only product on the market with 30 cm measurements. Elegance, Rustic and Classic are destined for residential and corporate environments, while Evidence is indicated for residential and commercial environments with low traffic, such as hotels, guest houses and small offices, with a width of 25.5 cm. The Prime line was specially developed for residential environments, with measurements of 135 x 20 cm.

Itu Casa Decor 2012

Date: April 27th to June 17th

Address: Praça Maranhão, nº 16 (continuação da Rua Rondônia) – Bairro Brasil