The colors and patterns on this site are only for reference, there may be divergence between the colors on the screen and the real colors of products. Availability on request.

Produced  with  FSC® certified eucalyptus based MDF

Produced with Eucatex  MDF, the Eucadoor  casings are made with the latest technology with 100% selected eucalyptus wood fibers . Moreover, this  wood  comes from Eucatex  own planted eucalyptus forests, certified with ISO 14001 and FSC®.

Available in three different models, the Eucadoor casings Trimmings have been developed to personalize interiors  in a simple and fast manner.

Together with the Composite Baseboards, they allow for different compositions which enhance the Eucadoor Doors line. Available in Max White pattern they do not require additional finishing.


Recommended  only for  internal use in commercial and residential buildings.

Thickness: 18 mm
Widths: 80 / 100 mm
Length: 2,300 (upright) + 1,150 mm (crosspiece)
  • The floor of the body of the transporting truck must be clean, dry, even and without nails and screws sticking out or with  overlapping boards;
  • Gaps  must be sealed;
  • Grain trucks must have the grain outlet closed to avoid rain  during the journey;
  • During the route in a transporting truck with open structure, protect  product against rain with a waterproof  tarpaulin;
  • For greater safety, the stacks must be blocked and supported by  steel straps. The points where the product is pressed by these straps must be protected by angle wedges;
  • Avoid product excess, mainly whenever  there is no mechanized means of unloading (fork lifts )
  • When unloading or moving the product, avoid  dragging it or subjecting it to any sort of friction.


The storage must be done in a covered place, protected from  weather and far from moisture and heat. The casings must be stacked horizontally, on a firm levelled base, and on a wooden platform, preferably in their original packaging. Avoid placing hard objects (metal, concrete, wood) on the jambs and casings or  allowing ng them  to come into contact with materials that  may alter affect  their natural features (cement, oil, grease, etc.).


The Eucadoor  casings are already coated in Max White pattern so they do need to be finished.

They are supplied in boxes containing:
  • Casings : 2  leg moldings  and one header molding.