5G fitting system - Eucafloor Attractive Laminated Floor

5G fitting system - Eucafloor Attractive Laminated Floor

Only the new Eucafloor Attractive line has the exclusive 5G fitting system.
No glue, no tools, no complication.

Developed by Eucatex in partnership with the Swiss company Välinge, the 5G technology is the world’s most advanced glueless fitting system for laminated floors.

The 5G (5th Generation) system, exclusive to Eucafloor in Brazil, guarantees a quicker, easier, and more precise installation,
and ensures alignment and distance between the strips.

Watch the video explaining 5G

5G - System fit in a click

In original patterns in satiny and rustic textures which enhance the aspect and touch of the natural wood, the strips are 22 cm wide, 135.7 cm long, and 8 mm thick.

With AC4 classification, its application is indicated both for residential environments (16-year guarantee) and for corporate projects (7-year guarantee).

Celtic Oak Toulouse Oak Castanho
Classic Oak Smart Oak Vintage

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