• Eucatex Super Premium Marine Acrylic

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The Eucatex Super Premium Marine Acrylic is a high performance paint indicated for external and internal areas which undergo constant aggression from sun and rain, exposure to ultraviolet rays and abrupt climatic changes.

Its formulation makes it easier to remove critical dirt, as grease, sauces, chocolate etc., besides maintaining the colors of external areas pretty and steady for much longer, making it difficult for fungi, algae and mould to proliferate.

With an exclusive collection of colors and excellent satin finishing, it allows internal rooms to become more sophisticated and welcoming. Recommende for maximum protection of  plaster, putty and acrylic, concrete, fiber cement and gypsum surfaces.


Modified Acrylic Resin,active and inert pigments, coalescents, thickeners, microbicides, other additives and water.
This product is classified as per standard NBR 11702 of the ABNT (Brazilian Technical Standards Association) Type 4.5.4

Satin finishing

  with water m2/coat  
Masonry 1st coat
20% to 30%
Others 20%
50 to 76
250 to 380
11 to 7
44 to 68
222 to 338
Quart (800 ml)
Gallon (3.2 liters)
Can (16 liters)

Two to three coats with
interval of 4 hours
Drying period: To touch: 2 hours
Final: 12 hours

Wool roller Paintbrush or flat paintbrush Spray gun

In certain situations, depending upon the luminosity of the room and the condition of the substrate, semi-gloss and satin products can reveal defects and imperfections of the surface more sharply than other finishings. This is due to the reflection of the light, which is a feature of these products. In these cases, it is advisable to use Eucatex Premium Matt Acrylic, as, among the acrylic finishings, it is the ideal product to conceal small defects of the surface as undulations and imperfections of the substrate.

In painting or repainting where there are applications or touch-ups of undercoats ( acrylic putty or gypsum), differences of gloss levels can be noted after the application. This is due to the lack of uniform absorption of the substrate. To avoid this effect, we recommend applying the paint itself diluted with 30% of water only at the points which have received putty to correct defects.

Up to 20 days after the painting, raindrops may cause stains. If this occurs, immediately wash up  surface with water.

Removal of dirt: in the affected spot:  use a soft sponge or cloth with neutral detergent. Then, clean with a moistened cloth. Perform the cleaning with smooth movements, only in the place affected, to preserve the original finishing. In the case of deeper dirt, this process may cause  polishing of the paint film (difference of gloss), but, it does not affect its resistance and durability of the coating.

The effective yield may vary due to the method of application, geometry of the structure, rugosity and absorption of the surface, thickness of the product layer deposited, atmospheric conditions and application technique.

Avoid isolated touch-ups after the paint has dried.

As per ABNT NBR 13.245.

  • Preparation: the surface must be firm, cohesive, clean, dry, without dust, fatty materials, soap and mould. Before starting the painting, note the guidelines to follow:
  • Surfaces with loose flakes or coated on white wash ( lime ): they must be scraped off or brushed off until the complete removal of the paint residue. Then apply the Eucatex Wall-Preparing Undercoat, as  recommended on the can;
  • Mould  surfaces: wash them with a solution of water mixed with sanitary water in the proportion of 1:1, rinse them and wait for them to dry. This process is necessary to correct the possible causes of the mould being generated;
  • Surfaces with fatty stains: wash them with a solution of water and neutral detergent, rinse them and wait for them to dry.
  • New plaster: wait for the cure for at least 30 days. Apply 1 or 2 coats of Eucatex Acrylic Sealer, as recommende on the can, and if necessary level the surface, applying 2 or 3 coats of Eucatex Acrylic Paste (wet areas) or Eucatex Putty (areas which are not wet );
  • Weak plaster (low cohesion): apply Eucatex Wall-Preparing Undercoat as recommended on the can and level the surface, applying 2 or 3 coats of Eucatex Acrylic Putty ( on wet areas ) or Eucatex Putty in dry areas).