• Eucatex Design Acrylic Texture

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Versatility and durability which transform ambiences.

Indicated to texturize external and internal surfaces of plaster, concrete blocks, fiber cement, acrylic paste or spackle and repainting on latex, the Eucatex Design Acrylic Texture offers different finishings according to the means of application.

Its hydrorepellent feature grants greater durability to the painting by preventing the penetration of humidity. It brings in its formulation components which emphasize the texture and make it unnecessary to apply a paint for finishing.

To obtain the aging effect it is indicated to apply the Eucatex Aging Gel on the texture.


Acrylic/styrened emulsion,organic  and inorganic pigments, inert loads, microbicide agent additives, and water.
This product is classified as per standard NBR 11.702 of the ABNT (Brazilian Technical Standards Association) Type 4.6.2 (textures).
  with water m2/coat  

Plaster, concrete,
spackle, fiber cement, acrylic paste and cement blocks
Ready for use
(if necessary, dilute with up to 5% of water)
10 to 13
12 to 16
Can (12 liters)
Can (15 liters)
One coat Drying Period: To touch: 4 hours
Final: 18 hours
Total cure: 7 days
Rigid foam roller Rubber roller Steel straightener

As per standard ABNT NBR 13.245

The good performance of the product basically depends upon preparing the surface, besides factors as dilution, homogenization, application, temperature, drying time, etc. The surface must be firm, cohesive, clean, dry, without dust, fat or mould. Check out the different types of surface and the appropriate manner of preparing them:

Surface Type Treatment
Stains of fat or grease Wash with a solution of water and neutral detergent, rinse and wait for it to dry.
Mould areas Wash with a solution of water and sanitary water in equal parts, wait 6 hours, rinse and wait for it to dry.
Cement blocks Before starting to apply the product, level the spaces formed by the joints with mortar and apply a coat of Water-Based Wall-Preparing Primer.
New plaster Wait for the cure and drying for at least 30 days and apply Eucatex Pigmented Acrylic Sealer.
Weak plaster,
disaggregated, coated iwith lime,
with  loose  flakes or  walls with old paint in a bad state
Remove the loose parts, sand and brush, eliminate the dust and apply a coat of Water-Based Wall-Preparing Undercoat.