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The best choice for impermeabilizing, overhead slabs, coverings, plant-stands, and roofs.

The Eucatex White Waterproofing Paint is an acrylic cover of high elasticity, for cold application , which forms an elastic membrane molded in the place. It is indicated for impermeabilizing areas not subject to vehicle or pedestrian traffic. Available in white, it can be used for impermeabilizing concrete slabs, overhead slabs and sloping coverings


It can be applied with a large soft bristle brush, paintbrush, flat paintbrush or large paintbrush.


  • It eliminates and avoids water infiltration;
  • It forms an impermeable, seamless cover;
  • Soluble in water (ecologically correct product);
  • Reflects the sunrays reducing the internal temperature;
  • High elasticity and resistance to UV sun beams:
  • It has excellent adherence;
  • Easy to apply.


Resin with a base of aqueous dispersion of elastomeric acrylic polymer, pigments free of heavy metals, inert mineral loads, additives and tensoactives.
This product is classified according to standard NBR 11702 of the ABNT (Brazilian Technical Standards Association), type 4.8.7.

  with water m2/coat  
Masonry First coat 15%,
others apply pure
400 g/m2/coat
2400 g/m2/ in 6 coats
Plastic bucket
(4.5 Kg)
Plastic bucket
(18 Kg)

Apply in 6 crossed coats,
with an interval of 6 hours
Final: 12 hours

Large brush Paintbrush Flat brush

  • Areas subject to movement, as concrete slabs, joints and cracks, must receive reinforcement between the first and second layer with a polyester cover;
  • The practical yield can vary due to the method of application, the geometry of the structure, rugosity and absorption of the surface, thickness of the layer of product deposited, the atmospheric conditions and the application technique;
  • Apply with stable weather.

According to  ABNT NBR 13.245.

  • The surface must be firm, cohesive, clean, dry, without dust, fatty materials, soap and mould;
  • Regularize the concrete slab with cement mortar and concrete mix sand 1:3, with minimum slope of 1% in the direction of the rainwater conduits and round the edges (half-round file);
  • Raise the impermeabilization to 30 cm on the walls and piping and recover low walls up to  60 cm high;
  • Dilute the first coat – priming coat - in 15% of water to provide better penetration of the product in the substratum. In the other coats, the product must be applied pure.