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The Eucatex ecologically correct enamel with excellent coverage and yield

The Eucatex Water-Based Premium Enamel is an ecologically correct enamel, developed to facilitate even further the painting process. The product provides excellent application and easy cleaning of the tools, with extremely low odor. Besides offering excellent resistance to bad weather, its finishing provides great coverage power and yield, with minimum splashing and quick drying. Indicated for application on internal and external surfaces of metals, woods and masonry.


Gloss and satin


Modified acrylic resin, pigments absent of heavy metals, coalescents, titanium dioxide, other additives and water.
This product is classified according to standard NBR 11702 of the ABNT. Type
  with water m2/coat  
paint-brush or roller: up to 10%
Pistol: up to 20%
40 to 50
10 to 12

Gallon (3.6 liters)
1/4 of gallon(0.9liters)

Two to three coats with an
interval of 4 hours
Drying  Period: To touch: 30 minutes
Final: 05 hours

Foam roller


Flat paintbrush

Spray gun


As per ABNT NBR 13.245.

  • When diluting the paint, always use clean water to maintain the features of the product. Never use thinner, turpentine, gasoline, benzene or other solvents;
  • Up to two weeks after the painting the isolated contact with water can cause stains. If this occurs, immediately wash all the surface with water;
  • Before starting the painting, it is important to homogenize the product appropriately with the aid of an appropriate tool;
  • After using any paint remover, check that the surface has no residue of the remover used, before applying the Eucatex Water-Based Premium Enamel. This removal must be executed using a cloth soaked in thinner.