In order to be nearer to the environment where it is installed, Eucatex develops several social actions to integrate and support the development of neighboring communities, giving priority to attending the NGOs which attend to children and adolescents.

Check out the social projects developed by Eucatex:

Environmental Education Program (PEA)

For 15 years Eucatex has been developing its Environmental Education Program, called “House of Nature”. Since its start, it has already received more than 22 thousand visitors. The activities of the program are developed in a visiting center located at Fazenda Santa Terezinha, in the municipality of Bofete, São Paulo State. The program occurs in partnership with the current five town halls of the towns covered by the program – Bofete, Anhembi, Avaré and Salto, mainly attending to students of the schools of the educational public networks. From time to time, the program receives students from technical courses and universities, collaborators and groups organized with conservational aims, such as scouts and NGOs. 

Among the objectives of the program, the development and transmission of concepts about the conservation of the environment, the importance of handling forests correctly and the collaboration in the training of educators attended to by the program, so that they can work on environmental issues inside and outside the scholastic environment, stand out. The people are received in the House of Nature, where ludic and educational activities are developed. This environment was developed to provide the visitor with an overview of the ecosystems of the region, their geographical localization, the fauna and flora composing them, information about the importance of the eucalyptus as raw material of several forestry-based products and concerning the contribution to generating jobs and income for the neighboring communities. The visitor also has the opportunity to know the Eucatex Seedling Production Nursery. 

There are also activities in interpretative trails – which go through stretches of planted forests, where the forestry administration system adopted by the company is presented – and in stretches of natural reserves in springs and biodiversity.

Paint donation for school revitalization

Eucatex joined the management, teachers, and students' parents from EMEIF Prof. Nicolau Moraes Barros , one of the most respected schools in Santo André/SP, for the revitalization of the entire wall and floor of the institution. For the revitalization, which happened on May 30, 2015 , several products from Eucatex Paints portfolio were donated and used both for floor painting and the wall's artistic painting performed by children including drawings based on themes chosen together with the School Council.

See the video of the transformation of the school wall.

Collection and Donation of Food

At Eucatex, the employees are constantly encouraged to practice social responsibility. Thanks to this initiative, every three months the Eucatex employees themselves develop actions of collecting food, diapers or items which are required from the entity in question. Besides the internal campaigns, Eucatex also makes monthly donations of nonperishable food to two large entities. To perform these actions, initially all the entities were validated with the company and an open channel was created between these NGOs and Eucatex.

Solidaristic Soccer

A healthy practice in every way. In the Solidaristic Soccer, the employees use the premises of the company recreation association to hold an internal football championship. Besides encouraging physical activity, the action aims to collect milk for the town entities. In the last championship approximately 400 liters of milk were collected.

This house has Our Colors

To transmit respect for the community and its brand, Eucatex chooses an entity per year to execute the maintenance of the painting of its building. In this action, the company employees and their families handle the labor.

Children’s Day

Every year on October 12, approximately 500 children of five entities are given a “bag of candies”.

Christmas Sponsoring

In this action, every employee of Eucatex “sponsors” a child of the partner entities. Thus, the employee becomes responsible for purchasing a Christmas present for this child. Every year, company employees take part in the end of year party of APAE of Salto.

Quality of Life

Seeking constant improvement in the quality of life, Eucatex performs campaigns and events to make employees aware of important issues, as cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Besides being made aware, the employees have annual examinations and receive professional guidance. Moreover, Eucatex also executes vaccination campaigns to prevent diseases as influenza, tetanus and hepatitis, as well as lectures through the SIPAT (Internal Accident Prevention Week), about STD's (HIV, HPV, Hepatitis C) and chemical dependence.

Gym at Work Program

In order to prevent osteomuscular diseases, Eucatex maintains the practice of gym at work performed collectively during the working day. Moreover, the company also offers clinical postural attendance, executed inside Eucatex, in which the employees are guided by a specialist about the need to practice physical/postural exercises.

Generation of Employment

The forestry unit of Eucatex generates approximately a thousand jobs, providing social and economic development for the communities where it is inserted. It also encourages the local economy by indirectly generating employment in the sectors of hoteliery, services, etc.

Relationship with the Community

The communities surrounding the Eucatex farms receive the visit of company specialists to explain possible impacts and reduction methods which the forestry activities can cause during their execution. Moreover, these communities are also aided by socioeconomic studies which aim to facilitate their access to public bodies, and thus help in obtaining benefits for the location to which they belong.

Contract Management

This control aims to rationalize labor liabilities, control turnover and the taxation status of Contractors, aiming to ensure employee rights.


This program makes available the eucalyptus flowers for an apicultural entity to produce honey in the Eucatex forests in the region of Botucatu, benefiting several families. Eucatex is responsible for the correct handing of the bees and safety of the workers.

Investment in Human Resources

Annually Eucatex plans training which aims to ensure the constant improvement of the performance and motivation of its human resources, as well as to guarantee the development of potential for the processes of succeeding to the several levels.

The training offered is:

Protection against Fire

In order to prevent fires which occur during the dry season, Eucatex promotes a series of important actions which are of paramount importance for the quality of life of the communities neighboring our forests. They include building firebreaks, making employees and the local community aware of and sensitive to detecting and locating fire outbreaks by patrolling, besides a telephone line 0800 always available for communicating possible fire outbreaks.